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We are made for data hungry companies

We provide companies with the ability to derive value and insights from decentralized datasets, improve business processes through data enrichment and automation, and build a scalable foundation to enable a data-driven culture.

Whether you’re a marketer, analyst, or developer - we have your back. We will work with you to take your data team and infrastructure to the next level.


And these are
our principles

Whatever the project, we strive to save you time and capital by delivering results that drive success for you and your customers.


All decisions are made with the future in mind, allowing your infrastructure to scale


Our mission is to shift the needle by bringing lasting value

Customer Enablement

We empower our customers by enabling them with new data superpowers

OUR beliefs

What we believe in matters

Architect for the future

You get out what you put in. As companies evolve, the size and complexity of data grows, the business processes mature, and the demand for a scalable, trustworthy, and data platform increases. We believe investing in the foundational components of a data platform can make or break a data organization.

Provide actionable data

Data for the sake of data helps no one. We believe in getting the right data in the right hands at the right time. With a single source of truth and warehouse first approach, we are able to surface relevant data in CRMs, visualization tools, and internal tooling to enable data driven decisions and automation.

Build trust in your data

Your data driven decisions are only as good as the data behind them. We believe trust is the hardest but most rewarding part of implementing a data platform. Developing a single source of truth, building process standardization, and enabling self-service analytics are key to enabling trust in your data.

Leave a legacy

Big Time Data takes pride in every service we provide and product we deliver. We believe each engagement gives us the opportunity to partner with our clients to build a legacy. Our custom curated solutions are built to stand the test of time, evolve with the business, and meet the ever-growing demands for data.


The People Behind The Magic

Alex Dovenmuehle
Alex is obsessed with driving business impact with data and automation. He is always looking to create automated and scalable business processes supported by software and data that allow businesses to scale their operations.
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Rachel Bradley-Haas
An experienced leader, analytics engineer, and go-to-market operations specialist who despises manual process and has a penchant for building beautiful data visualizations and dashboards.
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Fritz Larco
A passionate technologist who loves tackling interesting problems with code, exploration & persistence. Extensive experience delivering solutions in database development, data integration and back-end programming.
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The Hartford


Eric Nelson
An experienced Analytics Engineer, with the ability to scale infrastructure and data pipelines. Specialties include data analysis, data modeling, visualizations, revenue forecasting & churn modeling.
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Will Sweet
As an experienced data scientist and product manager, Will has led the development of both internal and external data tools with a focus on business outcomes and user experience.
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Houlihan Lokey

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