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Becoming Big Time: The Big Time Data Story

· 3 min read
Alex Dovenmuehle

How a seemingly insignificant meeting of two data superheroes sparked the chain of events that led to the creation of Big Time Data.

The Inception

The year was 2016 when our two heroes, Alex and Rachel, met for the first time at Heroku.

This seemingly insignificant happening sparked the chain of events that led to the creation of Big Time Data.

Training under the tutelage of our Mr. Miyagi, aka Michael Schiff, we honed our data analytics and engineering skills while developing a deep understanding of the impact process and people can have in an organization. It wasn't until we had mastered tools, process, and people that we were able to comprehend and leverage the full value of data to greatly impact the business.

Why You Should Care

By combining our data superpowers, we provide companies with the ability to derive value and insights from decentralized datasets, improve business processes through data enrichment and automation, and build a scalable foundation to enable a data-driven culture.

After our firsthand experience at Heroku and Mattermost and discussing data challenges with leaders in the industry, we knew something needed to be done. Too many companies struggle with centralizing, understanding, and leveraging their data, from technical analyst to C-level execs. The impact data can make is too significant to go unrealized. It was clear, this was our time to combine our superpowers, start Big Time Data, and help companies make the most of their data.

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Our Heroes

Alex Dovenmuehle

Superpowers: ‍Understanding complex software systems, transforming data for maximum value, automating everything (including himself one day), drumming better than Travis Barker

Origin Story: Alex started as a full stack developer with a penchant for building data models. At Heroku, he started his journey as a data engineer, rebuilding the existing data infrastructure with cutting edge technologies. At Mattermost, he built the data infrastructure from scratch which, combined with Rachel's superpowers, helped to create a world-class data platform.

Kryptonite: Repeating a manual process more than twice

#lazy #skynet #automateit

Rachel Bradley-Haas

Superpowers: ‍Mapping the end-to-end business to data, leading cross-functional data initiatives, building scalable self-service analytics foundations, talking about her two dogs

Origin Story: Rachel started out as a data analyst with a knack for mapping raw data to business measures and process. At Heroku, she focused on strengthening her technical data skills and developing an in-depth understanding of the go-to-market portion of the business. At Mattermost, she built a scalable self-service data foundation and a business operations organization to enable Mattermost to become a data-driven organization.

Kryptonite: Two people reporting different numbers for the same KPI

#datagovernance #saygoodbyetogooglesheets #showmethedefinitions

The Timeline

July 2015: Alex Joins Heroku

December 2016: Rachel Joins Heroku

December 2016: Alex & Rachel Meet

October 2017: First Partner Together at Heroku

October 2017: First Partner Together at Heroku

November 2019: Alex & Rachel Present at Dreamforce (Big Timers on a Big Stage)‍

December 2020: Alex & Rachel Join Mattermost

February 2021: Alex & Rachel Start Big Time Data